Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset Management

Utilizing your financial plan as a blueprint, we work with you to develop an investment strategy tailored to your needs, objectives and risk profile. Ultimately, the specific investment strategy we recommend will be based on two key factors: 1) The amount of risk you will need to assume in order to generate the returns your plan requires, and 2) your tolerance for risk. The planning process helps us identify the former and our unique analysis of your risk tolerance utilizing an academically-based risk assessment tool, Riskalyze, helps us identify the latter.

Our recommended investment allocation will also take into account the current and projected macroeconomic conditions, with adjustments to target asset class weightings based on our economic analysis. Through a quarterly due diligence process, we screen the universe of no-load mutual funds and low-cost exchange-traded funds based on the following criteria:

  • Expense ratio
  • Performance relative to peer group
  • Performance relative to assumed risk
  • Fund and manager tenure (i.e. minimum track record)
  • Correlation to style or peer group
  • Style consistency
  • Assets under management (i.e. the size of the fund)
  • Stability of the organization


Perhaps the most important step in our process is the ongoing communication between our firm and you. Clients will typically receive monthly account statements from their custodian, as well as trade confirmations any time changes are made. In addition, we provide performance reports on a quarterly basis and you can expect to meet with your Advisor between one and three times each year to make sure your overall goals and objectives remain in line with the composition of your portfolio. We also offer clients a Client Vault, which can be used to access historical performance reports at any time.

If you are interested in learning more about the process we use to understand your risk tolerance or want an analysis of your existing portfolio, please complete the following questionnaire and an advisor will contact you.

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