Why I Became A Financial Advisor

Why I Became A Financial Advisor

As we move through life, we learn and grow as we try new things and devote ourselves to new endeavors. While we may start out in one career, our experiences may show us other areas we want to pursue, needs that aren’t being met, or open doors to new opportunities. That’s exactly how I found my way into my career as a financial advisor.

My Early Career Days

While I graduated from the University of Akron with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance, I didn’t immediately enter the world of financial services. Instead, I earned my law degree, focusing on tax and estate planning. Shortly into my career, I realized many of my clients’ investment needs were not being met. At the time, the industry predominantly consisted of brokers who invested nearly all client funds according to the same pattern. In addition, these brokers were being paid on a commission-only basis, which created a conflict of interest and a barrier to putting the client first. After five years of practicing law, I expanded my business to counteract these trends and provide service that consistently goes above and beyond.

Branching Out

In 1985, I started offering asset management solutions to my clients on a fee-only basis. I also joined the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) and became a trailblazer for providing comprehensive, fee-only financial planning. In 2009, I founded Storey & Associates with the goal of providing financial peace of mind and helping our clients focus on what matters most. My team and I firmly believe that at the center of every successful advisory firm is the life of a client. We carry out this belief by forming lifelong relationships with our clients and continuously striving to earn their trust.

My personal goal is to improve the lives of the clients and families we serve by helping them solve financial and vocational challenges. I desire to provide holistic guidance and frequently collaborate with my clients as they pass through life’s transitions and milestones, providing intuitive and creative suggestions that are based on the mutual understanding that only comes from long-term relationships.

Ups And Downs

Every job comes with its own set of challenges, and my career is no exception. Running a business and prioritizing one-on-one client relationships can be a balancing act. In order for me to help my clients in as many ways as possible, it’s critical to obtain all the details that make up their lives, and this only happens through frequent contact and the trust that comes from a solid relationship. Despite the struggles, I wouldn’t want any other career. The most fulfilling part of what I do is seeing my clients realize their goals and dreams. I love walking with them through each phase of their life, as they mature and change during their careers and enter their retirement, transitioning to spending their time volunteering or helping family members pursue their goals.  

I am driven and motivated by the sense that the work is never finished. There are always more people to help, and I believe that our firm can add so much value to the lives of both our existing clients and future clients.

We Can Help

I am always open to meet new people and see how I may be able to help. Whether you’ve already started planning for the future or have yet to put strategies in place, I encourage you to reach out to me today for a no-obligation conversation to see how I may be able to help you. Reach out to us at 330-526-8944 or info@storeyassociates.com or schedule your free initial consultation online.

About Harlan

Harlan Storey is president and founder of Storey & Associates with more than 30 years of experience providing financial counsel to individuals, families, and small businesses. With a background as an estate planning attorney also providing tax services, Harlan now advises a clientele consisting of corporate executives, medical professionals, small business owners, and retirees. He specializes in income tax planning, business exit strategies, estate and insurance planning, asset allocation, and career transitions. In addition to his role as a financial advisor, Harlan is a member of the firm’s investment committee and manages the operations of the business. Harlan is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®), member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA), and graduated from the University of Akron with degrees in accounting and law. Harlan was one of the earliest members of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), showing his commitment to fee-only financial planning. Harlan and his wife reside in North Canton, Ohio and are the parents of two adult children. He enjoys spending time outdoors, running, kayaking, and tending to their 2 horses. Learn more about Harlan by connecting with him on LinkedIn.

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