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Retirement Tweaks

While partisan politics rages everywhere in sight, the U.S.

Win, Lose or Tie

The trade war between the U.S. and China seems to be escalating lately—but is there any way of telling who’s winning?  A recent article on bloomberg.com provides a scorecard of sorts, and the news isn’t good for either side.

How Self-Employed Professionals Can Save Big Tax Dollars

By Harlan Storey​

Is there anything better than being your own boss? You make your own hours, take vacation when you want, and choose whether to wear pants to work. Sounds like a dream, right?

Ask any self-employed professional to name a downside to working for themselves, and they’ll probably mention taxes.

Shifting Economic Balance

Ever wonder how the balance of the world’s economies have changed over the last 120 years?  Here’s a really interesting snapshot (see graphic), which shows the size of many countries’ stock markets at the beginning of the 1900s (as a percentage of the total), and as of the start of this year.  Notice the enormous growth of the U.S., from 15% of the total to more than

$1 Million Isn’t What It Used To Be

By Harlan Storey​

The Investment Returns of Homes vs. Stocks

Your home is your best investment, right?

Skyrocketing Student Loans

While some are worried about the rapidly growing U.S.

We’re Never Too Busy To Help Someone You Care About

By Harlan Storey​

Work History

When you hear that the workplace of the future is going to dramatically change (due to automation and artificial intelligence), do you ever wonder how the jobs picture has changed over the past 165 years? 

The Closing Donut Hole

If you haven’t been really, really sick in the last few years, you may not have ever heard of the “donut hole” in Medicare Part D prescription drug plans.  This is the common name in the medical field for a quirky coverage gap where, if you incurred $3,750 worth of drug costs in any given year, you would suddenly be paying for a significant portion of your drug expenses o

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