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New Tax Considerations for Divorcing Couples

People who are contemplating divorce could be surprised by some provisions of the new tax law—and should be including it in their separation plans.  The new laws affect the taxation of alimony payments, and also the valuation of certain assets that are usually part of a divorce agreement.

The Growth Spike

Recent reports about the U.S. economy were a case of good news and bad news.  The good news is that, in the second three months of the year, the U.S.

What to Make of the “Trade War”

Recently, there has finally been some evidence that the investment markets were starting to get jittery about the escalating tit-for-tat tariffs and threats of tariffs that some economists are calling “America vs. the World.”  Most investors are probably wondering whether new taxes on items flowing into and out of the U.S. really is something to worry about.

Smartphone Addiction?

Have you ever wondered how often the average person interacts with his or her mobile device?  As it turns out, the mobile research firm Dscout, Inc. has the answer.  According to its statistics, the average person taps, pokes, pinches or swipes his/her personal phone an astonishing 2,617 times a day.  It adds up to about 2 hours and 25 minutes of interaction a day.

Deficit Funding

Many were alarmed when, on June 5, the good people who run Medicare and Social Security released a report that said that the Medicare program will become insolvent in 2026 and Social Security will face a similar fate in 2034.  The Medicare projection is three years earlier than the previous report, while the Social Security projection is unchanged from previous estimates.

The Amazon Model

Two companies—Amazon and Apple—are in a tight race to become the first company to have a total market value greater than $1 trillion—that is, the value of all their outstanding stock would exceed that enormous figure.  Apple is the higher-profile candidate, but the smart money seems to be on Amazon.

Reclaiming Charitable Deductions

You may remember that when the new tax law was debated, there was a lot of chatter around the possibility that Congress would totally eliminate the deduction for charitable contributions.  That Republican-backed proposal never made it into the final Tax Cuts + Jobs Act, but in other ways the tax changes may wind up having a similar effect on many taxpayers. 

Last Call for HARP

One of the most beneficial consumer rescue programs from the Great Recession era is about to expire.  The Home Affordability Refinance Program—known as HARP—was passed by a bipartisan Congress in 2009, to enable borrowers who were under water on their homes, or close to under water, to refinance into more affordable mortgages.  The guidelines said that you had to have betw

Self-Driving Timetable

There has been a lot of hype about self-driving cars, but when, realistically, can we expect to be driven to our destination by a vehicle that has no steering wheel, gas pedal or seat specifically designated for a driver?  The answer depends on which of many competitors you’re talking about, but it looks like people in test cities will be able to hail a self-driving cab sometime next

The Most Popular Baby Name Awards Go To…

The U.S.

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