Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Storey & Associates’ core purpose is to enable people to focus on what they value most in life by helping them achieve financial peace of mind. We offer financial planning and asset management solutions for a broad range of clients with special expertise to address the unique circumstances of executives, professionals, retirees, and those approaching retirement. 


Unquestionably, successful executives have the opportunity to build significant wealth; however, the quandary of building wealth is that the more that is accumulated, the more layers of complexity are added, which increases exposure to risks and taxation.

Moreover, due to the demands on their personal and professional lives, many high earning executives are disadvantaged when it comes to acquiring the essential body of knowledge required to effectively plan and manage the critical elements of wealth to ensure its protection, preservation and, potentially, its transfer across generations.

For executives, nothing short of a comprehensive, fully-integrated financial plan, coupled with a well-conceived, long-term investment strategy, can optimize their capacity to achieve their goals. Storey & Associates offers a full range of executive planning services to help you navigate the complexities of your unique situation, including:

  • Corporate benefits planning for maximizing benefits with special consideration for their tax implications
  • Investment planning to offset the concentrated risk of company stock positions held as options, SARs, RSUs, or in qualified plans.
  • Customized asset allocation strategies designed to meet your long-term retirement income needs
  • Insurance planning and risk management
  • Estate and multigenerational planning for wealth transfer and philanthropic goals


Although professionals such as physicians, dentists, and attorneys have a greater opportunity to generate a high income, many must overcome the challenge of the initial delay and expenses associated with beginning their career or starting their practice, which can impact their capacity to build wealth in the long term. Furthermore, the ongoing demands of developing their practice and expanding their body of knowledge preclude many professionals from spending the time necessary to think about their financial future, let alone plan for it. 

It is critical for high earning professionals to thoroughly understand and plan for both their business and personal financial needs to ensure the optimal use of their resources in securing their financial future.  Storey & Associates harnesses the expertise and resources of multiple planning disciplines in working with professionals to develop and implement a fully integrated financial plan with special attention to their unique circumstances, including:

  • Minimizing the impact of taxation to the greatest extent possible on income, investments, and the estate
  • Employing customized asset allocation strategies based on client-specific risk profiles and return requirements
  • Instituting sound business principles in managing and projecting personal cash flow for current and future income requirements
  • Identifying and mitigating risk exposures that can impact the capacity to build, protect or preserve wealth

Approaching Retirement and Retirees

An increasing number of people in or nearing retirement are confronting the relatively new reality of having to create a retirement income stream almost exclusively from their own capital resources. To compound the challenge, low interest rates, rising health care costs, and the prospect of having to stretch their income sources over several decades has shaken the confidence of many retirees.

Having experienced more than three decades of economic booms and busts, Storey & Associates has the expertise and capabilities to work with retirees and pre-retirees to create customized income plans that provide clarity and confidence for their vision of retirement. These plans include:

  • Realistic distribution plans based on actual cash flow needs and income tax optimization
  • Diversification strategies that emphasize controlling risks while capturing market returns wherever they occur
  • Asset allocation strategies that recognize your particular need for growth, income, and capital preservation
  • Annual reviews to track plan performance and make necessary adjustments



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